Facial pain is any kind of pain that you feel in any part of the face including eyes and mouth. Usually, facial pain is caused due to a headache or an injury but in some cases, a serious medical condition can also make you suffer from a facial pain. Most of the times the causes that make you suffer from facial pain are harmless.

However, you must consult your doctor for an evaluation if you’re suffering from a facial that doesn’t have any cause behind it.

What causes facial pain?

There are several problems that may make you suffer from facial. Here are some common causes of facial pain

  • A headache
  • An ulcer, or open sore
  • A toothache
  • An oral infection
  • A facial injury
  • A skin abscess

Here are some more serious causes of facial pain.

  • Shingles or herpes zoster
  • Sinusitis
  • A nerve disorder
  • A migraine

A sinus infection

Most of the times, facial pain is described as cramp-like, achy, or stabbing. Sometimes, you may also suffer from the facial pain due to the pain that has radiated to your face from another part of the body such as ears or head.

When is face pain an emergency?

If you have suddenly started feeling a facial pain that has radiated from your left arm or chest, then you should immediately call 911. Most of the times, it appears to be the sign of a heart attack. However, in the case of regular facial pain, you can schedule a regular appointment with the doctor.

The diagnosis of facial pain

Here are a few things that you need to tell your doctor when you visit them for the trigeminal neuralgia relief.

  • What kind of pain you feel
  • How often you feel pain
  • What relieves the pain
  • What part of your face is hurting
  • How long the pain lasts
  • Exactly where the pain is coming from
  • Any other symptoms experienced


You may have to go for an MRI scan or X-ray for a complete diagnosis. Most of the times, these tests are used to diagnose the problems within tissues, muscles, and bones. In order to test the certain infections, your doctor may also take a test sample. In this process, the doctor will draw the blood from your arm which won’t cause enough pain.

Eye Pain

You’ll be referred to the eye doctor if you’re suffering from the facial pain due to the eye condition. The eye doctor will apply a numbing drop to each eye. Then he’ll check the cornea with the help of slit lamp. This test is used for diagnosing glaucoma and ulcers.


If your heart is causing the issues, you’d have to visit an electrocardiogram. The reading of your heart’s electrical activity is measured with the help of an ECG machine in this test. The abnormal heart rhythms or heart attack can be diagnosed with the help of this test.

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