PCMH information

What is a patient-centered medical home?
The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is not a place - it is a model of primary care that promotes accessible, comprehensive, coordinated care and encourages patients and families to be actively involved in health care decisions.  The model is patient-focused and looks at prevention, overall wellness and appropriate treatment.

Patient-centered medical home teams are led by a qualified provider that the patient chooses. This provider coordinates with a team of people who know the patient and work together to provide the best possible care.

What is CSI-RI?
The Rhode Island Chronic Care Sustainability Initiative (CSI-RI) promotes the patient-centered medical home model of care throughout the State of Rhode Island. CSI-RI is coordinating this work with all major health care stakeholders in the state, believing that the PCMH model will improve care, so that it is available at a lower cost, with better health outcomes for Rhode Islanders. 

Currently, 16 provider practices across the state participate in the Rhode Island Chronic Care Sustainability Initiative, serving over 80,000 patients. This is nearly 10% of the state's population, and is a number that will continue to grow with more opportunties to engage additional health care providers.

Watch a short video on the PCMH model. Vea este corto video para aprender más del modelo PCMH.

Patient-centered medical homes offer unique opportunities for both consumers and employers. For consumers, medical homes can mean better relationships with their physicians, higher satisfaction with the care they receive, and improved health outcomes. For employers, medical homes can lead to healthier employees, improved productivity, and lower health care costs. Browse the links on the left for more information about medical homes. To find a medical home near you, click here.

Click here to view a fact sheet on the PCMH-RI.

Did you know?
Rhode Islander ranks higher than all other states in terms of the number of physicians per capita that are practicing in NCQA-recognized patient-centered medical homes?