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Rhode Island ranks higher than all other states in terms of the number of physicians per capita that are practicing in NCQA-recognized patient-centered medical homes?


What is a patient-centered medical home? 

The patient-centered medical home is a new way to provide healthcare. It is a model that improves people's health and wellbeing by helping doctors proactively manage and coordinate care for their patients, increasing the use of preventive care and regular screenings, and supporting people with diabetes, depression, and other chronic diseases in new and innovative ways.

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Prostate Cancer Treatement: Alternatives to Chemotherapy

Our company here at PCMHRI is dedicated to the most advanced treatments of numerous diseases including cancer. Specializing in outpatient care for Prostate cancer treatment, we can help you or your loved ones get the help you deserve. If you need more information on alternative prostate cancer treatment then click the link. You have more than one way to deal with prostate cancer, don't let anyone tell you that's no true. Our advice to you is to make sure you speak to several medical health professionals about your options, and make sure you consider what is right for you. If you need more information then visit our contact page. If you need more assistance with your medical aid then visit Medicaid Options

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Do electric toothbrushes work better than regular toothbrushes?

Dental hygiene is always a hot theme, whether it’s about children or adults. No matter how healthy you eat, if you’re not taking care of your teeth and mouth properly, you’re risking to get in serious problems. Besides regular dental problems like gingivitis, cavity or bad breath, you might get heart conditions as well.


In order to prevent that and to keep your smile nice and pretty, you should use a good toothbrush and a dental floss at least two times a day. When it comes to toothbrushes, you can choose between a regular one or an electric one. Each has it’s own preferences and downsides, so why don’t we take a look what those are?


Electric toothbrushes


They’re handy and they’re fast – especially if you get bored easily from moving your hand up and down for two whole minutes. Additionally, electric toothbrushes are probably the better choice for kids because they’re fun and exciting. It will feel almost like playing with it, so the kids will get used to regular toothbrushing much faster.


One of the biggest advantages of electric toothbrush over regular ones is the number of strokes. Usually, that falls somewhere in between 6.000 and 30.000 per minute, which makes your teeth cleaned more effectively. Upon that, it will take less time to do a thorough cleaning with almost no additional effort involved. You won’t get tired and your arm won’t get hurt.


A major downside of electric toothbrushes is charging. They can’t last forever, so you have to recharge them once in a few days. On the other hand, a great number of users thinks that they’re not worth the price. Just for comparison, they are about three times more expensive than the regular toothbrushes.


For more information about specific types and prices, visit: http://toothbrushtalk.co.uk/best-electric-toothbrush-choice-uk/



Regular toothbrushes


They are cheap, but they need to be replaced every two to three months. They are also easy to use but aren’t as fast as an electric toothbrush. On the other hand, they don’t have to be charged, so that’s an advantage comparing to electric toothbrushes. However, a regular toothbrush can be broken easily, and they are not as efficient as an electric toothbrush.

A regular toothbrush doesn’t give the fun and exciting experience as electric one does. Some parents report that their kids don’t find it fun to brush their teeth with the regular toothbrush.


However, the efficiency of a regular toothbrush is far from the efficiency of an electric one. If you calculate how many times you have to move your hand up and down, a regular toothbrush won’t win the competition. This can be a very tricky thing for people who are facing severe medical conditions, like arthritis.


Since a regular toothbrush has a bigger head than an electric one, that can be a problem to handle. A smaller head can easily get to the back of your mouth while a bigger one can’t. With a regular toothbrush, you won’t get as clean teeth as with an electric one.


Health Benefits of Wolfberries

Wolfberries (also known as Lycium berries, Chinese wolfberries, and Goji Berries) are edible berries that come carry numerous nutritious benefits in them. It was used as the treatment of a dry cough and dry skin by ancient Chinese medical practitioners. It was also used to promote longevity and improve sexual desire.

Lowering of cholesterol, cardiovascular protection, protection of brain cells, protection from UV radiation, control of diabetes, free radical scavenging, possible cancer control and protection of the liver are some commonly known benefits of wolfberries.

It also helps in strengthening the immune system, general well-being and improving eyesight. They are most commonly used in food preparation in China and in the production of traditional Chinese medicine.

Numerous wolfberry benefits have made them popular amongst different cultures of the world. Here we are going to discuss some important benefits of wolfberries for your health.

Diabetes Control

Diabetes is one of emerging diseases almost in all countries of the world. People are struggling to prevent and control this disease because it can cause many other diseases like cardiovascular disease, ocular diseases, heart disease, stroke, and obesity.

Wolfberries are very useful in preventing and controlling this emerging disease. According to some recent studies, there are considerable hypoglycaemic properties found in the fruit extracts of wolfberries. Studies also show that there are no side effects of using wolfberries to control diabetes.

Cholesterol control

Cholesterol is another major cause of cardiovascular disease and heart disease. Cholesterol obstructs the blood flow in your blood vessels and arteries by creating plaque-like structures in them, due to which your heart starts pumping the blood with more force and finally gets weak which causes the heart attack.

There are two major types of cholesterol. The good type of cholesterol is known as HDL (High-density lipid cholesterol) and the bad kind of cholesterol is known as LDL (Low-density lipid cholesterol).

Plaques are formed due to LDL which weakens the heart. Recent studies have shown that the high cholesterol levels can be reduced with the wolfberries. Particularly, it reduces the LDL cholesterol levels.

Cardiovascular Protection

Just like any other organ free radicals can also attack the heart. Your heart gets weak when the heart muscles are attacked. Taking precautionary measures is still important even if it takes the long period of time to take place.

Wolfberries contain anti-oxidant chemicals; therefore, they can act as a protective measure. They can protect your heart from free radical attacks.

Healthy Body

General well-being and a healthy body are also included in the health benefits of wolfberries.

According to a recent study, the consumption of wolfberries reduces stress and fatigue and improve gastrointestinal functions. It is also helpful in improving psychological and neurological performance.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Chinese people use wolfberries in their traditional medicine to treat cancer. Scientific investigations show that there are different anti-cancerous properties found in the fruit extracts of wolfberries. They controlled the growth of cancer cells considerably while tested on human cancer cells.

There are many other essential benefits of wolfberries that make them popular.

Important Beauty Tips

Beauty is something that sometimes gets really hard to achieve. Women often try different tips and tricks to add some spice to their beauty that may make them appear distinguish from all other people around them.

We have tried to find out different kind of beauty tips for you that may help you increase your beauty significantly.

Here we are going to share some essential beauty tips with you that might appear to be strange or even weird. But you must know that you can add some biggest difference in your beauty routine with some most unexpected things.

We have added most of the tips for the girls but boys can also take benefit from these tips.

Let’s get started with these tips: –

To dispose of puffiness around your eyes utilize a basic tea spoon. Placed it in the cooler for 5 minutes and when it’s sufficiently chilly, utilize it as a treatment for decreasing the swelling. Cuts of cucumber or potato can likewise be valuable in taking care of a similar issue. Put either a potato or cucumber cut on your eyes, keep it on for 10 minutes and it ought to extraordinarily offer assistance.

You can brighten your teeth with the assistance of strawberry. Simply take one strawberry and rub it into your teeth or concoction the strawberry into the glue, then plunging your toothbrush in it, brush your teeth. On the off chance that you do it for couple of times, you will see critical brightening of your teeth. This in light of the corrosive substance in the strawberry.

Be that as it may, try to flush your mouth altogether a short time later to diminish corrosiveness in the mouth. Try not to utilize it consistently, not to harm your teeth.

Presently practically everyone thinks about the presence of a dry cleaner, which is an extremely helpful and speedy option of normal washing of the hair. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t have a dry cleaner, you can utilize an infant (powder.

For better outcome apply it with a major cosmetics brush on the underlying foundations of your hair and afterward, take away the overabundance by brushing your hair with a standard hairbrush. Your hair will be invigorated and will look as though you’ve quite recently washed them.

Your cosmetics remover is done and you don’t have room schedule-wise to go to shop and purchase the new one? That is okay, evacuate your cosmetics utilizing olive oil which is extremely delicate, as well as hydrating and loaded with vitamins.

In the event that you have a get-away in a sunny nation, you can without much of a stretch make normal hair highlights utilizing lemon juice.

Simply blend it with water in extents 1:1 and apply it on thin areas of your hair and go out in the sun. The corrosive in the lemon juice will respond with the sun’s beams and help your hair.

We hope that these tips will help you bring a distinguish change to your beauty. Learn more fabulous beauty tips at Beauty Cinch.

CPAP Nasal Pillows

CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure, is used for those people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. There are a variety of CPAP machines that keep your airway from collapsing when breathing in by increasing air pressure in the throat. This allows patients to get a better night’s sleep. Finding the proper CPAP machine that will working with each individual patient’s needs is imperative to successful sleep therapy. This article will discuss the CPAP nasal pillows, which are currently the smallest type of CPAP machines on the market.




What Are CPAP Nasal Pillows?

The CPAP nasal pillows are an innovative, less obtrusive, more lightweight option to traditional CPAP machines. The two “pillows” are inserted slightly inside the nostrils, reducing the facial contact that most machines have. They rest comfortably above the lip and held in place by a padded headpiece. These were designed specifically with the patient’s comfort and lifestyle in mind. The nasal pillows have been warmly welcomed by those who are used to wearing the bulkier full face masks.


What Are the Benefits of CPAP Nasal Pillows?

  • The machine works better than other non-surgical sleep apnea solutions
  • Increased comfort for a better night’s rest
  • Not only does the patient sleep better, but so will anyone who shares a bed with them
  • There is a clear line of sight, making it possible to read or watch television with ease
  • Quieter than other types of CPAP machines
  • Provides direct airflow into the nose reducing air leakages
  • Come in a wide range of sizes making it easy to fit all patients


Who Can Benefit from the CPAP Nasal Pillow?

  • Patients who suffer from claustrophobia
  • Men with beards or sideburns that tend to cause leaks in other types of masks
  • Those who sleep on their sides or stomachs
  • Those who have a tendency to have allergic reactions or breakouts from the masks
  • People who tend to toss and turn while sleeping
  • Patients who wear glasses or readers



The CPAP nasal masks have quickly gained popularity and are currently the most popular mask choices for obstructive sleep apnea sufferers. There have been a few minor inconveniences reported by some users of the nasal pillows, including nasal dryness, itching and nose bleeds. These can be easily prevented or treated by special over-the-counter lubricants and drops. Also, this model is not always ideal for mouth-breathers or those who require a high-pressure machine.



This bruxism mouth guard is another great complementary product used to improve sleep quality.


Increase Your Dental Practice Online Visibility

online visibility for dentists

Dentists are always sprouting new practices across the country, and while it can be an uphill battle, their company’s ability to be found on the web should be an asset not a obstacle. Anyone can solidify the basics of an SEO campaign for their dental practice and make their website not only more search engine friendly, but also more user friendly in the process. In the first of our three part series, we are going to discuss the top-level approach that new and veteran dentists should take to ensure a successful search engine marketing campaign.

Define Your Brand

One of the largest mistakes dentists make is that they want to jump straight into marketing their business without clearly defining their brand. Your brand is your personality and culture, how you want to be perceived and more importantly how people actually perceive you. Branding is incredibly important for search engine optimization because you need to convey a uniform message and people need to be able to find you based on your brand, not just your products or service.

Research the Market and Competition for Dentists in Your Area

When starting a practice, chances are that you have competitors in your market. There are several free to use tools such as Google’s Insights for Search and Keyword Tool that you can utilize to accomplish basic research regarding search trends, competition, and relevant terms to your business. When doing research, you want to not only establish what the most popular terms in your industry are, but get ideas on how people search for your product or service. Matt Cutts has a great example of the semantics behind the flash (or thumb, or usb) drive that elaborates on the differences of how people search.

Early Implementation

A common misconception is that search engine optimization is a service implemented after your website is live. Any search professional will tell you it takes time to remove bad or inaccurate information from Google/Yahoo/Bing’s index, but that doesn’t mean that positive changes by SEO professionals cannot be made to strengthen your presence and increase your website’s traffic. By planning your SEO strategy in advance and developing your dental website with it in mind, you lay the foundation for strong organic rankings in the search engines and save yourself a lot of headache compared to restructuring your entire site a few months down the road (source: Scott Keever SEO – Dentist).

Make Your Dental Website User Friendly

The flashiest website (pun intended) is great when you want to make a grand entrance into the market, but that doesn’t mean it is the most user (or search engine) friendly. A key part of your overall SEO strategy is to make your website simple to navigate and easy for the user to obtain the information that they want. Driving traffic to your website with a search engine marketing campaign is great, but if people get confused and quickly leave your site you are not only wasting their time but your budget. If you can, take advantage of a user experience professional when planning your site – they are wonderful resources that will help you get the maximum number of conversions for your web traffic.

Further Reading

In our next installment on SEO for dentists, we dive into the fundamentals of on-page, white hat SEO practices that create a solid foundation for more advanced search engine marketing campaigns.  Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of how to increase your online visibility, and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

Foot Massagers and Their Health Benefits

Rhode Island Medical and PCMHRI are in the health business because we take pride in enriching the lives of all people that we are able to come in contact with. We have been making countless products in the medical technology sector including a huge increase in the creation of top level foot massagers. Reflexology and the movement of tissue in the feet is attributed to having a much more healthy life, and though getting hand massage is nice, it’s hard to get one every day. That’s why we recommend this Machine to massage feet.  This seems to do the trick when giving a patient the best foot massage possible and ensuring that all nerve endings are hit to maximize the health benefits associated with massage. Consider buying one of these, or other quality massage products for massage, including hand reflexology, full body massage, and more related products. Also check out these resources for more massage related information.

foot massaging key pointsAs seen by examples from Dr.Monroe Delapert, it is important to remember that caring for your body through multiple avenues is important when it concerns longevity of your life, and all your vital organs. This is why you can read all about massage, vitamins, minerals, exercise, and the added benefits of modern medicine in emerging markets. We hope you take this time to consider looking into our comprehensive database of massage related resources and tools for a better life. Don’t forget to visit our forums for more information on all aspects of revitalizing your body, and getting the most out of your life and health.