As music increasingly become part of present-day workplace one question comes up; how does music increase your productivity? Music has a unique temporal performance, just as art decorates space, music decorates time.

With the increase in the time spent at work and as computers become instrumental in the execution of work, music continually becomes inseparable from our daily tasks. It optimizes the boring as you gaze at the screen. Studies show that the improved mood and general wellbeing that listing to music creates increases productivity.

Another research revealed that those who listen to music while working not only complete tasks faster but also come up with brilliant ideas. You can also check out best productivity music to know more about how music can increase your productivity.

How music increases productivity 

Makes repetitive tasks easy 

When assessing the effectiveness of music in improving productivity one aspect to consider is how immersive the task at hand is. The term refers to creative demand of the task. For tasks that are clearly defined and hence repetitive music is extremely useful. The improved mood that the music creates is clearly the source of the bump in productivity. All the studies that were conducted to explore the effects of music on repetitive tasks revealed that the workers, besides increasing their productivity experience increased effectiveness and happiness.

Lowers noise levels 

Irrespective of the exact effect of music on an individual worker, one finding was evident; noisy workplaces hamper productivity a great deal. Headphones, therefore, provides a sure escape from the disturbing yapping of idle office co-workers, especially in open-office settings. While the open space arrangements are intended to encourage more collaboration, the loud chatter can interrupt a worker who is trying to beat a deadline. Some workers even confess being unable to focus on any task without listening to their favorite music through their headphones.

Boost physical Energy 

When working on a task that needs physical energy as opposed to mental focus, music will play a major role in stimulating your body to produce the necessary energy. Find some good upbeat music featuring quick tempo as well as energizing lyrics. Such types of music wake you up and deliver the right beat to match your motions.

Research showed that cyclists listening to upbeat music besides working harder actively cycled because they are motivated to do so.

Encourage concentration 

Instrument music has been found to be effective in increasing productivity for people working on tasks that demand high concentration. Provided there are no lyrics and as such no one is tempted to sing along, atmospheric music presence work best in high concentration work environments. Moderate noise levels have even been found in the production of creative ideas.

A study conducted in 2015 widened the net even further. The study concluded that sound masking using ambient noise and natural sounds like waves at seas shores improve the ability to concentrate as well.


Music, whether naturally occurring or deliberately played have a significant positive effect on worker productivity. So, always provide sweet background music in your workplace and your workers will work efficiently and happily. The not-so-busy workers will also not interfere with those working on mentally demanding tasks. Offices that adopt open-office arrangement stand to benefit even more when workers are allowed to listen to their favorite music through headphones.

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