To have plastic surgery is one of the most commonly done procedures today one out of ten people in the world has gone through this procedures. There are two different types of plastic surgeries that are done today one is the surgery that is done to correct a birth defect it is purely for a medical purpose there is another type of plastic surgery that is done purely for the purpose of improving one’s appearance or alter one’s appearance to make our self-look much better than we were before. But both these surgeries have a very dire effect on us; thus before going through this procedure, it is always essential to give a thought and sit on it for at the least 24 hours before going through the procedure.

Here are a few pointers on the downside of having a plastic surgery done to you.

Medicals problems:

Most of the time a plastic surgery is done it is not done using biological material or the kind of material that our body is accustomed   to taking in along with it but when foreign substance is put inside of our body it will not always accept the material and sometimes will even push out the foreign material that was put inside if our body in order to enhance ourselves. There are countless cases where people have been come to the hospital saying they regret the day they first set their foot into the hospital in order to have plastic surgery. many people because they could not afford to have a plastic surgery procedure they retorted to the method of having an inexperienced plastic surgeon performing the proceedings on them and ended up filling up their cheeks or chins thus creating a lot of other complications.

Scared look

This is other disadvantages that come along with having plastic surgery. As this is our body that we are talking about no amount of corrective surgeries can even come close to making us look like a perfect human being complete. This is the reason why many people go into the plastic surgery in order to look perfect literally to the perfection of a doll; thus they end up scaring themselves beyond repair. There is always a beauty found in the imperfection, and if we are o be perfect then only dolls can fill that place, and they will look very mechanical.


This is another thing that many people forget, and they just go on a spending spree on their plastic surgery, and they get into huge debt, and most of these procedures cost a fortune. They could have easily avoided this by being more discreet and exercising a bit more self-control this could have stopped us from getting into huge debt with the plastic surgeons.

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