CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure, is used for those people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. There are a variety of CPAP machines that keep your airway from collapsing when breathing in by increasing air pressure in the throat. This allows patients to get a better night’s sleep. Finding the proper CPAP machine that will working with each individual patient’s needs is imperative to successful sleep therapy. This article will discuss the CPAP nasal pillows, which are currently the smallest type of CPAP machines on the market.




What Are CPAP Nasal Pillows?

The CPAP nasal pillows are an innovative, less obtrusive, more lightweight option to traditional CPAP machines. The two “pillows” are inserted slightly inside the nostrils, reducing the facial contact that most machines have. They rest comfortably above the lip and held in place by a padded headpiece. These were designed specifically with the patient’s comfort and lifestyle in mind. The nasal pillows have been warmly welcomed by those who are used to wearing the bulkier full face masks.


What Are the Benefits of CPAP Nasal Pillows?

  • The machine works better than other non-surgical sleep apnea solutions
  • Increased comfort for a better night’s rest
  • Not only does the patient sleep better, but so will anyone who shares a bed with them
  • There is a clear line of sight, making it possible to read or watch television with ease
  • Quieter than other types of CPAP machines
  • Provides direct airflow into the nose reducing air leakages
  • Come in a wide range of sizes making it easy to fit all patients


Who Can Benefit from the CPAP Nasal Pillow?

  • Patients who suffer from claustrophobia
  • Men with beards or sideburns that tend to cause leaks in other types of masks
  • Those who sleep on their sides or stomachs
  • Those who have a tendency to have allergic reactions or breakouts from the masks
  • People who tend to toss and turn while sleeping
  • Patients who wear glasses or readers



The CPAP nasal masks have quickly gained popularity and are currently the most popular mask choices for obstructive sleep apnea sufferers. There have been a few minor inconveniences reported by some users of the nasal pillows, including nasal dryness, itching and nose bleeds. These can be easily prevented or treated by special over-the-counter lubricants and drops. Also, this model is not always ideal for mouth-breathers or those who require a high-pressure machine.



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