About Us

The Rhode Island Chronic Care Sustainability Initiative (CSI-RI) is working with all major health care stakeholders to promote the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model and transform primary care in Rhode Island.  Navigating the health care system is complicated. The PCMH model puts patients at the center of a health care team, led by their doctor, to make sure that all of the pieces are in place to keep patients healthy.  This means improved care, lower costs and better health outcomes for Rhode Islanders.

CSI-RI is governed by a coalition of healthcare stakeholders, convened by the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner. CSI-RI coalition members include payers, primary care providers, employers, state agencies, technical experts, and community organizations.

CSI-RI is focused on improving the delivery of chronic illness care and supporting and sustaining primary care in the state of Rhode Island through the development and implementation of the patient-centered medical home. The coalition's work has resulted in one of the nation's first nearly all-payer demonstrations of the medical home model of primary care.

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