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Rhode Island ranks higher than all other states in terms of the number of physicians per capita that are practicing in NCQA-recognized patient-centered medical homes?


What is a patient-centered medical home? 

The patient-centered medical home is a new way to provide healthcare. It is a model that improves people's health and wellbeing by helping doctors proactively manage and coordinate care for their patients, increasing the use of preventive care and regular screenings, and supporting people with diabetes, depression, and other chronic diseases in new and innovative ways.

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Prostate Cancer Treatement: Alternatives to Chemotherapy

Our company here at PCMHRI is dedicated to the most advanced treatments of numerous diseases including cancer. Specializing in outpatient care for Prostate cancer treatment, we can help you or your loved ones get the help you deserve. If you need more information on alternative prostate cancer treatment then click the link. You have more than one way to deal with prostate cancer, don't let anyone tell you that's no true. Our advice to you is to make sure you speak to several medical health professionals about your options, and make sure you consider what is right for you. If you need more information then visit our contact page. If you need more assistance with your medical aid then visit Medicaid Options

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Top Pillows to Reduce Snoring

When you have a partner who snores too much, you can now find him/her the best anti-snore pillow to make the sleep great. There are different types of pillows that have been designed to aid in reducing snoring. These pillows are meant for reducing the snoring and not curing the snoring.


Here is some of the best pillow to prevent snoring.


  • Contour pillow


  • Wedge pillow


  • CPAP pillow


  • Latex Foam Pillow


#1. Drift Scrumptious

Side Sleeper Pillow


This is a classy pillow that will aid in maintaining the neck alignment to enhance the breathing. Due to this, it will definitely reduce the snoring when sleeping. Besides this, it also has an adjustable height, which makes it great for all users. The pillow provides incredible support and with the soft design, you will find it great for long-term use.


#2. The Pillow of

Health 20×30 Hypoallergenic Pillow


This is a great selection of the anti-snoring pillow that will make you sleep comfortably. The pillow is very cool and comfortable due to the unique design. It has been designed using the moisture-wicking polyester spandex cover that will always keep it cool. Besides this, it has been made with the CertiPur Certified foam and medical grade cover. The hypoallergenic pillow is a great and comfortable pick that will suit you better.


#3. FitPlus Bed Wedge

1.5-Inches Memory Foam Pillow


The construction of the anti-snoring pillow is one great thing to check out for when buying the pillows. This is a perfect pillow that will reduce the snoring due to the high-density memory foam that has been used in the construction. The premium-grade polyurethane foam base also makes it very supportive and comfortable pillow. Other than this, the quality pillow will support the back and shoulders to promote a better sleeping posture; hence reducing the snoring. The wedge design of the pillow also makes it perfect for reducing the orthopedic health issues. It is an easy to clean pillow since it features a removable cover. This is one excellent pillow that you will find great for giving to your partner a gift during the special days.


#4.CPAP Memory Foam

Contour Pillow


You can now enjoy the best night’s sleep by trying out this quality anti-snoring pillow. The pillow has the patented pending new design that makes it very comfortable and great for all users. It comes in one size that fits all users; hence a versatile pillow you never want to miss. In addition to this, it has been designed from the highest quality of memory foam that provides the best contour pillow design. With this, you will always find it excellent for all sleepers. The quality pillow is easily adjustable to 2-inches height settings. With this, you will find it very comfortable and great for long-term use. It also provides the best neck support when sleeping to reduce the snoring.


These are the top rated and best pillows known for reducing the snoring. They are elegant pillows that provide the best neck and head support. They are also firm and serve for years just as expected. The pillows are easy to clean and great for all sleepers.

How music increases productivity


As music increasingly become part of present-day workplace one question comes up; how does music increase your productivity? Music has a unique temporal performance, just as art decorates space, music decorates time.

With the increase in the time spent at work and as computers become instrumental in the execution of work, music continually becomes inseparable from our daily tasks. It optimizes the boring as you gaze at the screen. Studies show that the improved mood and general wellbeing that listing to music creates increases productivity.

Another research revealed that those who listen to music while working not only complete tasks faster but also come up with brilliant ideas. You can also check out best productivity music to know more about how music can increase your productivity.

How music increases productivity 

Makes repetitive tasks easy 

When assessing the effectiveness of music in improving productivity one aspect to consider is how immersive the task at hand is. The term refers to creative demand of the task. For tasks that are clearly defined and hence repetitive music is extremely useful. The improved mood that the music creates is clearly the source of the bump in productivity. All the studies that were conducted to explore the effects of music on repetitive tasks revealed that the workers, besides increasing their productivity experience increased effectiveness and happiness.

Lowers noise levels 

Irrespective of the exact effect of music on an individual worker, one finding was evident; noisy workplaces hamper productivity a great deal. Headphones, therefore, provides a sure escape from the disturbing yapping of idle office co-workers, especially in open-office settings. While the open space arrangements are intended to encourage more collaboration, the loud chatter can interrupt a worker who is trying to beat a deadline. Some workers even confess being unable to focus on any task without listening to their favorite music through their headphones.

Boost physical Energy 

When working on a task that needs physical energy as opposed to mental focus, music will play a major role in stimulating your body to produce the necessary energy. Find some good upbeat music featuring quick tempo as well as energizing lyrics. Such types of music wake you up and deliver the right beat to match your motions.

Research showed that cyclists listening to upbeat music besides working harder actively cycled because they are motivated to do so.

Encourage concentration 

Instrument music has been found to be effective in increasing productivity for people working on tasks that demand high concentration. Provided there are no lyrics and as such no one is tempted to sing along, atmospheric music presence work best in high concentration work environments. Moderate noise levels have even been found in the production of creative ideas.

A study conducted in 2015 widened the net even further. The study concluded that sound masking using ambient noise and natural sounds like waves at seas shores improve the ability to concentrate as well.


Music, whether naturally occurring or deliberately played have a significant positive effect on worker productivity. So, always provide sweet background music in your workplace and your workers will work efficiently and happily. The not-so-busy workers will also not interfere with those working on mentally demanding tasks. Offices that adopt open-office arrangement stand to benefit even more when workers are allowed to listen to their favorite music through headphones.

Best ways to reduce your weight that you need to know

Problems due to obesity There are millions of people who are overweight and obese and they are looking for ways to lose weight because it can lead to large number of serious health problems. There are many weight related illnesses that are causing serious health concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, heart problem, respiration problems and joint pain. Therefore it is important to find out the best ways to reduce your weight so that you can get a healthy body without any kind of issues.

  Reasons for being overweight

 -Genetic factors 

-Environmental factors

 -Unhealthy diet

 -Lack of physical activities 

-Sedentary lifestyle 

-Consumption of junk foods  

It is very important that you maintain some discipline, change your diet, do physical activities and opt for healthy lifestyle so that you can lose the extra weight from your body.   The best ways to reduce your weight includes

– Reduce calorie intake-

the most common reason for being overweight is unhealthy lifestyle and improper eating habits. Therefore it is essential to reduce the amount of calories that you intake so that you can reduce the calories and it will also help in burning the excess calories from your body. Proper dietary routine is very important if you want to lose weight and it is your daily routine to scrutinize your calorie intake everyday so that you can avoid overeating and it will eventually help you to lose weight effectively.

Do exercise-

If you want to lose weight and get long lasting results then it is important to exercise everyday and go for a brisk walk of 30 minutes daily so that you can get noticeable results. Moreover you need to adopt an exercise regimen along with opting for healthy dietary choices if you want to lose weight quickly and effectively. Working out your muscles also helps in losing weight because it helps in burning the excess fat from the body so that the metabolism rate of your body will be improved. You can also check out ab wheels for weight loss to reduce your weight in no time.

Drink plenty of water-

If you wish to lose weight in a safe and effective manner then you needs to drink plenty of water as it helps you feel full for a longer period of time. Eventually you will not overeat as you will not get the feeling of hunger and you will reduce your food intake so that the amount of calories from food will be reduced. Water is the best way of quenching your thirst while helping you speed up your weight loss efforts as it helps in getting rid of excess fat from the body when it is coupled with healthy diet and physical activities.

Change your eating habits-

If you want to get rid of obesity then you need to follow proper diet and rather than following any fad diet or taking weight loss pills, you should follow the natural ways of losing weight as it is more safe, quick and effective. You should add loads of fruits and vegetables into your everyday diet while reducing the intake of food rich in calories as it can lead to weight gain.

The Environmental Benefits of Using Industrial Hemp


Industrial hemp refers to a plant of cannabis species that can be used for industrial purpose. The hemp is from the species cannabis containing THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). The hemp plant is used in industries for its seed, fiber, and oil. The industrial hemp offers benefit to the environment due to its climate change mitigation. It is also useful in air quality and biofuel. Hemp is a toxic and the recommendation to the biological resources and agriculture. The following are the benefits of industrial hemp.

  1. Climate change mitigation

Industrial hemp meets the benefits of climate change in many ways. First, the industrial hemp is useful in carbon sequestration. Thermoplastics are a product of industrial hemp useful in polymer resins. It manufactures sports equipment. Hemp performs carbon sequestration when they are used as a component of thermoplastics. Hemp has a great potential for thermal and carbon storage when used in thermoplastics. Carbon emission in industrial reduces when fiberglass plastics is substituted by natural fiber in Hemp. The hemp-based material used in building reduces the carbon after construction. Hemp acts as an insulator and anti-mold properties. Hemp improves the air condition in the building constructed. The hemp-based building materials are sustainable and viable.

Hemp also helps in the carbon biosequestration where carbon sinks with the plant. It captures the carbon emissions in the air to the plant. Hemp is used as a substitute for tree-based paper resulting in the preservation of the environment.

  1. Hemp biofuel

Industrial hemp can be used in the fossil fuel economy. It can help solve the environmental problem when coal is used. The processed hemp can produce charcoal, ethanol, methane, and gasoline. The infrastructure can use these products from the industrial hemp creating environmental benefits. It can also facilitate the end of acid rains and the greenhouse effect. Industrial Hemp is utilized as a renewable source of energy contributing to the quality environment. Hemp can also supply the biofuels without the human impact unlike another form of coal or oil that are burnt to produce carbon and other harmful products.

  1. Species protection and toxic pollution control

Using hemp as a source timber can significantly reduce the deforestation. Hemp can grow in almost any land and can produce more timber compared to plants that grow on a fairly habitat. Hemp can be utilized in toilet paper impacting positively on deforestation. They are assisting in emission out of the air. Hemp is superior to timer because of sustainability. Hemp benefit endangered species and rare species.

  1. Agriculture restoration and sustainability

Hemp is used in restoring contaminated soil and treating it. Some countries are using hemp in cleaning up the contaminated landfill. The environmental impact is greatly used due to its broad climatically adaptation. Hemp uses fewer pesticides and fertilizer to grow. In summary, industrial hemp is beneficial to the environment. The industrial hemp is sustainable and can help in agriculture restoration. The industrial hemp helps in air conditioning through the hemp material based. Hemp-based construction material helps in environmental conservation. If you happen to be interested in using industrial hemp you can check out hemp processing machine for sale.

What to do if Your Child is Addicted to Drugs?

The risk of drug addiction is higher in teenagers and young adults because their minds are not yet developed. In this situation, the parents need to be very careful and they should regularly keep an eye on their children so that they can stay away from drug addiction. However, in today’s life, parents have to spend most of their time in the office because they supposed to support their family financially.

In this situation, they can’t pay enough attention to the children and as a result, the children adopt different bad habits. And drug addiction is also one of the habits that can put an impact on their personality. There are some common signs of addiction that can determine that whether your child is addicted to drugs or not.

If you find such signs in your children, you should immediately take them to an authorized rehab. You must also take a visit to detoxofsouthflorida.com if you don’t have any information about basic signs of addiction. Here are some important tips you need to follow if your child is addicted to drugs.

Spend time with them

The reason why teenagers usually get addicted to drugs is that they do not get any attention from their parents. That’s why they start looking for some substances that can make them feel comfortable. In this situation, they find drugs to be really effective and they start using them regularly. The only thing you can do in this regard is to spend more time with them so that they can understand that there is someone who is always ready to take care of them. Thus, they’d get a helping hand to get rid of this habit.

Take them to the rehab

Once you have gained their satisfaction, the next thing you need to do is to take them to the drug addiction rehab so that they can find the perfect treatment to quit this habit. This may take some time but you should force them to do so because they would become rude if you tried to force them. So, the only thing you can do is to stay polite with them. They’d definitely listen to you after a few days. Click Here and take a look at the importance of drug addiction rehabs.

Keep motivating them

Most of the times, the children become disappointed and they lose all their hope. In this situation, they try to commit suicide to get rid of this painful life. You need to motivate them so that they do not become distressed. You should tell them several motivational stories or you can also take them to several groups where people share their success stories about quitting this habit. This step would definitely put an impact on their mind and they’d keep struggling to quit this habit.

How to Know Whether Herbal Supplements Are Good for You?

The herbal supplements have been around for thousands of year. The herbal treatments are still very popular in most parts of the world but there are some countries where herbal treatments are not preferred because some herbs and herbal supplements have caused some negative effects to the people that were suffering from several other health issues.

But when we carefully take a look at the stats, we realize that the victims of allopathic medicines are more than the victims of herbal supplements. Therefore, the herbal supplements are still considered to be very effective and there are many people that like to use the herbal supplements. The only problem that most of the people are facing is that they are unable to decide that whether a particular type of herbal supplement is good for their health or not.

You can figure this out by following a few simple steps. In this article, we will describe the process that you can use to determine whether herbal supplements are good for your or not. Thus, you’d be able to stay safe from all the negative effects. Here are the important ways that you can use to determine whether herbal supplements are good for you or not.

Take help from a nutritionist

The nutritionists have extensive knowledge of herbal supplements and they can suggest you the perfect herbs according to your health. And this is something we would recommend if you are facing some trouble in deciding that whether the herbal supplements are good for you or not.

Finding a nutritionist is quite easier nowadays. There was a time when people used to visit different hospitals to find the best nutritionist in their town. But the internet has solved this problem for you. Now, you can easily find an expert nutrition in your town while sitting in your home.

Conduct proper research

No matter what herbal supplement you are going use, you should conduct proper research to figure out the positive and negative effects of that herb. Do not think of relying on one or two sources. You should find out multiple sources of information so that you may find the accurate information about that supplement. If you have some health problems, make sure that you consult your doctor to decide whether the herbal supplement is good for your health or not.

Take a trial

If you need to make sure that a herbal supplement is good for your health, you should start using that supplement for a limited period of time. Make sure that you only use the small amounts of that herb during this period so that they do not cause any harm to your body. Once you have realized that the supplement has not caused any negative effects on your body, you can start using that supplement regularly. Click Here and find more information about the benefits of herbal supplements.

The Main Benefits of Inversion Thereapy

Back pain relief is the major concern of most of the people that get involved in the inversion therapy. This is just because most of the health experts believe that inversion therapy has the potential to prevent back problems. However, most of the people do not that there are many other benefits of inversion therapy.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the amazing benefits of inversion therapy so that you may decide that whether it can help you get rid of different health issues or not.

Relieves Spinal Pain

Relieving spinal pain to a great extent is one of the most remarkable benefits of inversion therapy. Thus, a person can easily improve his posture with the help of this therapy. In other words, we can say that inversion therapy can help in improving the outlook of a person because the spinal cord is the most important part of our body that affects our sitting and standing postures.

Controlling indigestion

This may sound strange but inversion tables can help in controlling indigestion. Skin disorders and anxiety are some of the major problems that you may suffer from due to indigestion. You can improve your health with the help of inversion therapy.

Improves blood circulation

The inversion therapy provides more oxygen and nutrients to the brain by increasing the blood flow towards it. And it can also play an important role in speeding up your brain functions. It also helps in improving observation, memory, and concentration etc. And most importantly, it can boost the clear thinking. Your brain starts working in a better condition when you are standing in an inverted situation.

Decreases mood swings

Your mental situation can be improved when you are standing upside down. The improved blood circulation balances the hormones and it also releases neurotransmitters. As a result, you start feeling happier and light-hearted. So, inversion therapy can be the immediate solution for you if you are feeling sad.

Make sure that you buy an inversion table for your home if you regularly suffer from mood swings. Thus, you’d find a quick and effective solution at your home all the time. But before purchasing the inversion table, make sure that you carefully read the inversion table reviews consumer reports. Thus, you’d find the perfect solution for your mood swings.

Countering Insomnia

The insomnia patients can also take advantage of the inversion therapy to reduce the effects of insomnia. You’d be able to sleep better when your mind is in a completely relaxed situation. Your muscle tension is decreased by 35% when you are in an inverted situation.

Enhancing Immunity

Your defensive cells become stronger when you start the inversion therapy. It helps in maintaining an overall healthy feeling by cleaning the blood. Here are some other benefits of inversion therapy.

Taking a look at the reasons why men go bald

What is the worst nightmare of a man? Getting bald definitely. How can someone live with the baldness when they are young and like to enjoy their life and try several fashions? If you are the one who is getting bald then here are some of the reasons that may be causing this effect.


One of the major reasons of your baldness may be a genetic problem. If your dad and grandpa are already bald then the possibilities are that you will get bald too and this is in your gene.

In this case, you should be extra careful when it comes to the hair. Implante capilar sp can help you find the best solution for this problem. This treatment is essential for the hair loss and for the people who are getting bald.


When you are in stress and constantly thinking about one thing, you can feel that you’ve started suffering from hair loss. After bath or after brushing your hair you can see how strands are in your towel or in your brush.

Stress can make you bald in no time and as compared to the other people you will look old. Stress will make you feel old from the inside and outside. Keep the stress away from your life and indulge yourself in different activities.


If you have a concept that tension is the only reason behind your baldness, then you’re wrong. Another cause which can make you bald is an unhealthy lifestyle. Junk food is the reason to go bald.

If you will lack the nutrition in your body then, of course, your hair is going to be weak. You will start witnessing heavy hair fall until you turn towards the healthy lifestyle. Start consuming healthy food in your diet and you can see the visible results in few weeks.


Boys these days usually like to use different gels and chemicals on their scalp and hair which makes their hair dry and rough. They’ll definitely be able to adapt any style with the help of gels and chemicals but it will make them suffer from dangerous effects of hair loss.

These chemicals are going to damage the roots first and then you can see how things are going to be worst for your personality. Never try chemicals and gels in your hair in excessive quantity because this is just going to do damage your hair.


There are many harmful effects of smoking cigarettes but regular smokers don’t care for these effects. If you’re a chain-smoker, you must stay prepared because very soon you’ll get bald and it will also cause harmful effects to your body and you’ll get weak.

Smoking is extremely injurious to your health. Chain-smokers who want to get rid of hair loss problem should leave smoking instantly otherwise, they’ll get bald very soon. The habit of smoking will only bring you to losses.

Click here and take a look at why men go bald.