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Rhode Island ranks higher than all other states in terms of the number of physicians per capita that are practicing in NCQA-recognized patient-centered medical homes?


What is a patient-centered medical home? 

The patient-centered medical home is a new way to provide healthcare. It is a model that improves people's health and wellbeing by helping doctors proactively manage and coordinate care for their patients, increasing the use of preventive care and regular screenings, and supporting people with diabetes, depression, and other chronic diseases in new and innovative ways.

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Prostate Cancer Treatement: Alternatives to Chemotherapy

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What causes a facial pain and how to treat one?

Facial pain is any kind of pain that you feel in any part of the face including eyes and mouth. Usually, facial pain is caused due to a headache or an injury but in some cases, a serious medical condition can also make you suffer from a facial pain. Most of the times the causes that make you suffer from facial pain are harmless.

However, you must consult your doctor for an evaluation if you’re suffering from a facial that doesn’t have any cause behind it.

What causes facial pain?

There are several problems that may make you suffer from facial. Here are some common causes of facial pain

  • A headache
  • An ulcer, or open sore
  • A toothache
  • An oral infection
  • A facial injury
  • A skin abscess

Here are some more serious causes of facial pain.

  • Shingles or herpes zoster
  • Sinusitis
  • A nerve disorder
  • A migraine

A sinus infection

Most of the times, facial pain is described as cramp-like, achy, or stabbing. Sometimes, you may also suffer from the facial pain due to the pain that has radiated to your face from another part of the body such as ears or head.

When is face pain an emergency?

If you have suddenly started feeling a facial pain that has radiated from your left arm or chest, then you should immediately call 911. Most of the times, it appears to be the sign of a heart attack. However, in the case of regular facial pain, you can schedule a regular appointment with the doctor.

The diagnosis of facial pain

Here are a few things that you need to tell your doctor when you visit them for the trigeminal neuralgia relief.

  • What kind of pain you feel
  • How often you feel pain
  • What relieves the pain
  • What part of your face is hurting
  • How long the pain lasts
  • Exactly where the pain is coming from
  • Any other symptoms experienced


You may have to go for an MRI scan or X-ray for a complete diagnosis. Most of the times, these tests are used to diagnose the problems within tissues, muscles, and bones. In order to test the certain infections, your doctor may also take a test sample. In this process, the doctor will draw the blood from your arm which won’t cause enough pain.

Eye Pain

You’ll be referred to the eye doctor if you’re suffering from the facial pain due to the eye condition. The eye doctor will apply a numbing drop to each eye. Then he’ll check the cornea with the help of slit lamp. This test is used for diagnosing glaucoma and ulcers.


If your heart is causing the issues, you’d have to visit an electrocardiogram. The reading of your heart’s electrical activity is measured with the help of an ECG machine in this test. The abnormal heart rhythms or heart attack can be diagnosed with the help of this test.

Top tips from doctors to quit dieting and lose weight healthily

If you think that starving is the only way that can help you lose your weight significantly, then you are wrong. Starving is not going to help you when you want to lose weight and live a healthy life. This routine is just going to make you sick and weak.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy manner and want to eat well, then here are some of the top tips from the doctors who can help you in shedding weight quickly. Have a look at the best tips without keeping your health on a stake.


Many people stop eating food and start eating snacks which can never help them lose their weight but their skin will be loose soon. Water is a better solution for your problem. Hydration is the key to healthy life and healthy skin.

Water helps you a lot in losing weight as soon as possible. The best time to use water is at the midnight. When you are craving for some kind of snacks, you should drink some water and you will be able to take control over it.


If the doctor is advising you to have vegetables, then it doesn’t mean that you should fry them in so much oil. You can add little spice to your boiled vegetables so you can consume fewer calories.

By consuming vegetables you can lose lots of weight and after eating vegetables you won’t be able to consume anything else. You will crave less for the burgers and pizza which has a tendency to increase weight gradually.


Of course, who wants to limit themselves to the home when everyone is going out to have fun. You should go to the party but keep an eye on your cocktails. You don’t have to consume it in a bulk quantity.

Cocktails have so much sugar and it can increase your weight as well. You can have one drink and then you should control yourself or have some water to get over your cravings.


The workout is always an important factor when it comes to losing weight. To lift up your body with the proper diet chart you should have the support of workout.

Start with the easier exercises which are essential for your belly and lower body fat and then you can increase the duration of a workout. After few weeks you can visibly feel the change in your body and in your fat.


Sugar is the biggest enemy of your diet and when you are taking it way too much. If you are addicted to the tea and coffee, then start making it your habit to add less sugar in it. Slowly you can remove it from your drinks to cut the fat from your diet.

You need to keep an eye on Quitoplan if you want to keep yourself fit healthy throughout your life.

Taking a look at the reasons why men go bald

What is the worst nightmare of a man? Getting bald definitely. How can someone live with the baldness when they are young and like to enjoy their life and try several fashions? If you are the one who is getting bald then here are some of the reasons that may be causing this effect.


One of the major reasons of your baldness may be a genetic problem. If your dad and grandpa are already bald then the possibilities are that you will get bald too and this is in your gene.

In this case, you should be extra careful when it comes to the hair. Implante capilar sp can help you find the best solution for this problem. This treatment is essential for the hair loss and for the people who are getting bald.


When you are in stress and constantly thinking about one thing, you can feel that you’ve started suffering from hair loss. After bath or after brushing your hair you can see how strands are in your towel or in your brush.

Stress can make you bald in no time and as compared to the other people you will look old. Stress will make you feel old from the inside and outside. Keep the stress away from your life and indulge yourself in different activities.


If you have a concept that tension is the only reason behind your baldness, then you’re wrong. Another cause which can make you bald is an unhealthy lifestyle. Junk food is the reason to go bald.

If you will lack the nutrition in your body then, of course, your hair is going to be weak. You will start witnessing heavy hair fall until you turn towards the healthy lifestyle. Start consuming healthy food in your diet and you can see the visible results in few weeks.


Boys these days usually like to use different gels and chemicals on their scalp and hair which makes their hair dry and rough. They’ll definitely be able to adapt any style with the help of gels and chemicals but it will make them suffer from dangerous effects of hair loss.

These chemicals are going to damage the roots first and then you can see how things are going to be worst for your personality. Never try chemicals and gels in your hair in excessive quantity because this is just going to do damage your hair.


There are many harmful effects of smoking cigarettes but regular smokers don’t care for these effects. If you’re a chain-smoker, you must stay prepared because very soon you’ll get bald and it will also cause harmful effects to your body and you’ll get weak.

Smoking is extremely injurious to your health. Chain-smokers who want to get rid of hair loss problem should leave smoking instantly otherwise, they’ll get bald very soon. The habit of smoking will only bring you to losses.

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Are you looking at getting a good testosterone booster? Most boosters out there these days are pretty confusing, they claim to make you the main man again, better erection, more muscles and all that.

A lot of testosterone that are seen everywhere these days especially the herbals are nothing close to being effective. So it is paramount that you take precautions before buying any testosterone products by visiting Best Testosterone Boosters Reviews Guide 2017. Here are the major things you should look out for when you decided to use a testosterone

Be Sure To Look At the Content of The Product You Are Buying

There are different products out there, and aside from them being possibly toxic to your system. You might want to check the product content online to be sure that that thee testosterone you bought contain the right ingredients.

Theses ingredients should work through various mechanisms to make sure that the testosterone enhances the body. If the content is not backed by clinical and scientific proves, them there is no need buying it.

For maximum effectiveness, it is advised that after you take one ingredient, you should take another ingredient because your body might have gotten used to the first product and reject the changes due to homeostatic difference. Consistency is the key; some companies produce only one kind of content, which makes it slow for you to see the effects at an initial stage.


Look Out For The One That Suite You

You need to understand that everyone is different and one has to understand how his system really works. The HPTA of the body is one of the things to understand. HPTA means hypothalamus which signals the pituitary gland and then to the leydig cell in the testicle. This might be different for different individual. Some can convert testosterone in to process estrogen..

Look For Supplements That Contain DAA 9D-Aspertic Acid)

This is fairly new compared to those that have been around for decades. This supplement is unique because it has a good ability to increase Testosterone.

This just has to be used in large amount so it can really be effective.

Vitamin D3

As it is often used to treat osteoporosis in men. This vitamin places a strong role in strengthening the bones and maintaining the testosterone level. The vitamin receptacle, really work well testosterone.

Look For Supplement That Increase Dopamine,

According to Wikipedia, there is the possibility that a reduction in dopamine will cause a reduction in Testosterone. The close combination of Dopamine and Testosterone.

Most people seek easy ways to boost their testosterone, get better muscle, deeper voice the total all other manly traits that makes one very manly. It can be advise that the abuse of testosterone can really be detrimental and one should be really careful. The boost of testosterone can go a long way in restoring the self-confidence of some people.

So if you really want to buy a testosterone booster, here are some of the things you really need to ask your friends




There are multiple massage techniques and all come with their health benefits. Traditional therapeutic massage techniques emphasis on relaxing joints and the muscles while acupressure pursues to improve general health and flow of energy by acting on a particular pressure point.

Benefits of Using foot massagers

Aromatherapy, on the other hand, uses scented oils and soothing music to enhance an additional constituent of relaxation by acting on multiple senses.  Most importantly reflexology strives to increase the functionality of internal organ by massaging certain areas of the foot using a foot massager.

Having a foot massage once in a while can surely help us relax, mostly after a long day of walking around or standing up which tends to cause our feet to swell up. There are many places that you can visit if you are looking to buy a foot massagerFor a fact, everyone can enjoy a foot massage, but the question is; which other benefits does it have other than helping relieve pain and making one feel relaxed? There are several benefits associated with foot massage some of which are immediate while others can be felt after a few sessions or after a couple of weeks. With all the advantages that come with a foot massage, it is important for everybody to buy a foot massager.

The importance of Using Foot Massagers.

1. Improving Body Health.

Buying a foot massager to use it in massaging your feet reduces effects of anxiety and depression. Through the effects of reflexology, foot massage has shown to reduce anxiety in patients with cancer.

Benefits of Using foot massagers

Foot massage also helps reduce a migraine and headaches. Study have it that people with a severe headache and migraines show considerable progress after getting reflexology treatments like a foot massage. This makes reflexology foot massage vital in making a positive lifestyle change.

2. Foot Massage Is Helpful to People with Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet

It is believed that people with flat feet experience ligament laxity that causes the arch to collapse. The flat foot causes much pain. Extreme heel pain can also be caused by deterioration or inflammation of the plantar fascia which is the connective tissue that usually supports the arch of the foot. By conducting a deep foot massage; where a high pressure is applied on the arch coupled with regular foot exercise, can significantly cure or reduce these conditions.

3. Foot Massagers Are Helpful in Managing Edema

Buying a foot massager to use in massaging the feet of people with edema is fundamental. Edema is more prevalent in pregnant women more so during their last trimester; thus, it is advisable for them to buy a foot massager.  Edema is the swelling that occurs on the feet due to fluid retention.

Foot massage is of great benefit to mental and physical health.  Buying a foot massager is equally important as having other essential commodities for people who want to live a healthy life and you can read more about it on this website.

Health Benefits of Wolfberries

Wolfberries (also known as Lycium berries, Chinese wolfberries, and Goji Berries) are edible berries that come carry numerous nutritious benefits in them. It was used as the treatment of a dry cough and dry skin by ancient Chinese medical practitioners. It was also used to promote longevity and improve sexual desire.

Lowering of cholesterol, cardiovascular protection, protection of brain cells, protection from UV radiation, control of diabetes, free radical scavenging, possible cancer control and protection of the liver are some commonly known benefits of wolfberries.

It also helps in strengthening the immune system, general well-being and improving eyesight. They are most commonly used in food preparation in China and in the production of traditional Chinese medicine.

Numerous wolfberry benefits have made them popular amongst different cultures of the world. Here we are going to discuss some important benefits of wolfberries for your health.

Diabetes Control

Diabetes is one of emerging diseases almost in all countries of the world. People are struggling to prevent and control this disease because it can cause many other diseases like cardiovascular disease, ocular diseases, heart disease, stroke, and obesity.

Wolfberries are very useful in preventing and controlling this emerging disease. According to some recent studies, there are considerable hypoglycaemic properties found in the fruit extracts of wolfberries. Studies also show that there are no side effects of using wolfberries to control diabetes.

Cholesterol control

Cholesterol is another major cause of cardiovascular disease and heart disease. Cholesterol obstructs the blood flow in your blood vessels and arteries by creating plaque-like structures in them, due to which your heart starts pumping the blood with more force and finally gets weak which causes the heart attack.

There are two major types of cholesterol. The good type of cholesterol is known as HDL (High-density lipid cholesterol) and the bad kind of cholesterol is known as LDL (Low-density lipid cholesterol).

Plaques are formed due to LDL which weakens the heart. Recent studies have shown that the high cholesterol levels can be reduced with the wolfberries. Particularly, it reduces the LDL cholesterol levels.

Cardiovascular Protection

Just like any other organ free radicals can also attack the heart. Your heart gets weak when the heart muscles are attacked. Taking precautionary measures is still important even if it takes the long period of time to take place.

Wolfberries contain anti-oxidant chemicals; therefore, they can act as a protective measure. They can protect your heart from free radical attacks.

Healthy Body

General well-being and a healthy body are also included in the health benefits of wolfberries.

According to a recent study, the consumption of wolfberries reduces stress and fatigue and improve gastrointestinal functions. It is also helpful in improving psychological and neurological performance.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Chinese people use wolfberries in their traditional medicine to treat cancer. Scientific investigations show that there are different anti-cancerous properties found in the fruit extracts of wolfberries. They controlled the growth of cancer cells considerably while tested on human cancer cells.

There are many other essential benefits of wolfberries that make them popular.