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Rhode Island ranks higher than all other states in terms of the number of physicians per capita that are practicing in NCQA-recognized patient-centered medical homes?


What is a patient-centered medical home? 

The patient-centered medical home is a new way to provide healthcare. It is a model that improves people's health and wellbeing by helping doctors proactively manage and coordinate care for their patients, increasing the use of preventive care and regular screenings, and supporting people with diabetes, depression, and other chronic diseases in new and innovative ways.

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Prostate Cancer Treatement: Alternatives to Chemotherapy

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Disadvantages of having plastic surgery

To have plastic surgery is one of the most commonly done procedures today one out of ten people in the world has gone through this procedures. There are two different types of plastic surgeries that are done today one is the surgery that is done to correct a birth defect it is purely for a medical purpose there is another type of plastic surgery that is done purely for the purpose of improving one’s appearance or alter one’s appearance to make our self-look much better than we were before. But both these surgeries have a very dire effect on us; thus before going through this procedure, it is always essential to give a thought and sit on it for at the least 24 hours before going through the procedure.

Here are a few pointers on the downside of having a plastic surgery done to you.

Medicals problems:

Most of the time a plastic surgery is done it is not done using biological material or the kind of material that our body is accustomed   to taking in along with it but when foreign substance is put inside of our body it will not always accept the material and sometimes will even push out the foreign material that was put inside if our body in order to enhance ourselves. There are countless cases where people have been come to the hospital saying they regret the day they first set their foot into the hospital in order to have plastic surgery. many people because they could not afford to have a plastic surgery procedure they retorted to the method of having an inexperienced plastic surgeon performing the proceedings on them and ended up filling up their cheeks or chins thus creating a lot of other complications.

Scared look

This is other disadvantages that come along with having plastic surgery. As this is our body that we are talking about no amount of corrective surgeries can even come close to making us look like a perfect human being complete. This is the reason why many people go into the plastic surgery in order to look perfect literally to the perfection of a doll; thus they end up scaring themselves beyond repair. There is always a beauty found in the imperfection, and if we are o be perfect then only dolls can fill that place, and they will look very mechanical.


This is another thing that many people forget, and they just go on a spending spree on their plastic surgery, and they get into huge debt, and most of these procedures cost a fortune. They could have easily avoided this by being more discreet and exercising a bit more self-control this could have stopped us from getting into huge debt with the plastic surgeons.

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What to do if Your Child is Addicted to Drugs?

The risk of drug addiction is higher in teenagers and young adults because their minds are not yet developed. In this situation, the parents need to be very careful and they should regularly keep an eye on their children so that they can stay away from drug addiction. However, in today’s life, parents have to spend most of their time in the office because they supposed to support their family financially.

In this situation, they can’t pay enough attention to the children and as a result, the children adopt different bad habits. And drug addiction is also one of the habits that can put an impact on their personality. There are some common signs of addiction that can determine that whether your child is addicted to drugs or not.

If you find such signs in your children, you should immediately take them to an authorized rehab. You must also take a visit to detoxofsouthflorida.com if you don’t have any information about basic signs of addiction. Here are some important tips you need to follow if your child is addicted to drugs.

Spend time with them

The reason why teenagers usually get addicted to drugs is that they do not get any attention from their parents. That’s why they start looking for some substances that can make them feel comfortable. In this situation, they find drugs to be really effective and they start using them regularly. The only thing you can do in this regard is to spend more time with them so that they can understand that there is someone who is always ready to take care of them. Thus, they’d get a helping hand to get rid of this habit.

Take them to the rehab

Once you have gained their satisfaction, the next thing you need to do is to take them to the drug addiction rehab so that they can find the perfect treatment to quit this habit. This may take some time but you should force them to do so because they would become rude if you tried to force them. So, the only thing you can do is to stay polite with them. They’d definitely listen to you after a few days. Click Here and take a look at the importance of drug addiction rehabs.

Keep motivating them

Most of the times, the children become disappointed and they lose all their hope. In this situation, they try to commit suicide to get rid of this painful life. You need to motivate them so that they do not become distressed. You should tell them several motivational stories or you can also take them to several groups where people share their success stories about quitting this habit. This step would definitely put an impact on their mind and they’d keep struggling to quit this habit.

How to Know Whether Herbal Supplements Are Good for You?

The herbal supplements have been around for thousands of year. The herbal treatments are still very popular in most parts of the world but there are some countries where herbal treatments are not preferred because some herbs and herbal supplements have caused some negative effects to the people that were suffering from several other health issues.

But when we carefully take a look at the stats, we realize that the victims of allopathic medicines are more than the victims of herbal supplements. Therefore, the herbal supplements are still considered to be very effective and there are many people that like to use the herbal supplements. The only problem that most of the people are facing is that they are unable to decide that whether a particular type of herbal supplement is good for their health or not.

You can figure this out by following a few simple steps. In this article, we will describe the process that you can use to determine whether herbal supplements are good for your or not. Thus, you’d be able to stay safe from all the negative effects. Here are the important ways that you can use to determine whether herbal supplements are good for you or not.

Take help from a nutritionist

The nutritionists have extensive knowledge of herbal supplements and they can suggest you the perfect herbs according to your health. And this is something we would recommend if you are facing some trouble in deciding that whether the herbal supplements are good for you or not.

Finding a nutritionist is quite easier nowadays. There was a time when people used to visit different hospitals to find the best nutritionist in their town. But the internet has solved this problem for you. Now, you can easily find an expert nutrition in your town while sitting in your home.

Conduct proper research

No matter what herbal supplement you are going use, you should conduct proper research to figure out the positive and negative effects of that herb. Do not think of relying on one or two sources. You should find out multiple sources of information so that you may find the accurate information about that supplement. If you have some health problems, make sure that you consult your doctor to decide whether the herbal supplement is good for your health or not.

Take a trial

If you need to make sure that a herbal supplement is good for your health, you should start using that supplement for a limited period of time. Make sure that you only use the small amounts of that herb during this period so that they do not cause any harm to your body. Once you have realized that the supplement has not caused any negative effects on your body, you can start using that supplement regularly. Click Here and find more information about the benefits of herbal supplements.

The Main Benefits of Inversion Thereapy

Back pain relief is the major concern of most of the people that get involved in the inversion therapy. This is just because most of the health experts believe that inversion therapy has the potential to prevent back problems. However, most of the people do not that there are many other benefits of inversion therapy.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the amazing benefits of inversion therapy so that you may decide that whether it can help you get rid of different health issues or not.

Relieves Spinal Pain

Relieving spinal pain to a great extent is one of the most remarkable benefits of inversion therapy. Thus, a person can easily improve his posture with the help of this therapy. In other words, we can say that inversion therapy can help in improving the outlook of a person because the spinal cord is the most important part of our body that affects our sitting and standing postures.

Controlling indigestion

This may sound strange but inversion tables can help in controlling indigestion. Skin disorders and anxiety are some of the major problems that you may suffer from due to indigestion. You can improve your health with the help of inversion therapy.

Improves blood circulation

The inversion therapy provides more oxygen and nutrients to the brain by increasing the blood flow towards it. And it can also play an important role in speeding up your brain functions. It also helps in improving observation, memory, and concentration etc. And most importantly, it can boost the clear thinking. Your brain starts working in a better condition when you are standing in an inverted situation.

Decreases mood swings

Your mental situation can be improved when you are standing upside down. The improved blood circulation balances the hormones and it also releases neurotransmitters. As a result, you start feeling happier and light-hearted. So, inversion therapy can be the immediate solution for you if you are feeling sad.

Make sure that you buy an inversion table for your home if you regularly suffer from mood swings. Thus, you’d find a quick and effective solution at your home all the time. But before purchasing the inversion table, make sure that you carefully read the inversion table reviews consumer reports. Thus, you’d find the perfect solution for your mood swings.

Countering Insomnia

The insomnia patients can also take advantage of the inversion therapy to reduce the effects of insomnia. You’d be able to sleep better when your mind is in a completely relaxed situation. Your muscle tension is decreased by 35% when you are in an inverted situation.

Enhancing Immunity

Your defensive cells become stronger when you start the inversion therapy. It helps in maintaining an overall healthy feeling by cleaning the blood. Here are some other benefits of inversion therapy.

Taking a look at the reasons why men go bald

What is the worst nightmare of a man? Getting bald definitely. How can someone live with the baldness when they are young and like to enjoy their life and try several fashions? If you are the one who is getting bald then here are some of the reasons that may be causing this effect.


One of the major reasons of your baldness may be a genetic problem. If your dad and grandpa are already bald then the possibilities are that you will get bald too and this is in your gene.

In this case, you should be extra careful when it comes to the hair. Implante capilar sp can help you find the best solution for this problem. This treatment is essential for the hair loss and for the people who are getting bald.


When you are in stress and constantly thinking about one thing, you can feel that you’ve started suffering from hair loss. After bath or after brushing your hair you can see how strands are in your towel or in your brush.

Stress can make you bald in no time and as compared to the other people you will look old. Stress will make you feel old from the inside and outside. Keep the stress away from your life and indulge yourself in different activities.


If you have a concept that tension is the only reason behind your baldness, then you’re wrong. Another cause which can make you bald is an unhealthy lifestyle. Junk food is the reason to go bald.

If you will lack the nutrition in your body then, of course, your hair is going to be weak. You will start witnessing heavy hair fall until you turn towards the healthy lifestyle. Start consuming healthy food in your diet and you can see the visible results in few weeks.


Boys these days usually like to use different gels and chemicals on their scalp and hair which makes their hair dry and rough. They’ll definitely be able to adapt any style with the help of gels and chemicals but it will make them suffer from dangerous effects of hair loss.

These chemicals are going to damage the roots first and then you can see how things are going to be worst for your personality. Never try chemicals and gels in your hair in excessive quantity because this is just going to do damage your hair.


There are many harmful effects of smoking cigarettes but regular smokers don’t care for these effects. If you’re a chain-smoker, you must stay prepared because very soon you’ll get bald and it will also cause harmful effects to your body and you’ll get weak.

Smoking is extremely injurious to your health. Chain-smokers who want to get rid of hair loss problem should leave smoking instantly otherwise, they’ll get bald very soon. The habit of smoking will only bring you to losses.

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